Volunteer at Farmers Formal

Farmers Formal Volunteer Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! All volunteer roles for the 2019 Farmers Formal are FULL. Thank you to the volunteers who have offered their time and talents to make this the best Farmers Formal yet! Please sign the form above to express your interest in being back up for 2019 Farmers Formal or volunteering for the 2020 Farmers Formal.

Please sign the form above to express your interest in volunteering at the 2020 Farmers Formal.

EarthDance is a teaching farm, sharing the craft and science of organic farming with people from all walks of life.

Mission: EarthDance grows food, farmers, and community through hands-on education and delicious experiences.

St. Louis needs more people learning about, eating and growing organic food, regenerative solutions to help the land and community thrive, and an abundant food system for all.

Our 14-acre historic farm provides a model of sustainable food production. Through our Organic Farm School programs, EarthDance cultivates food leaders alongside abundant fresh produce.

Volunteers Make the EarthDance Heart Beet!

Volunteers help EarthDance graduate over 200 farm apprentices, lead thousands of kids on field trips, employ 35 Ferguson/Florissant teens, and continue to nourish the soil and soul of the St. Louis region.

Farmers Formal provides the roots to help EarthDance sprout change. With your help, we can continue growing the good food movement.

Do you want to join the FARM-ily and *receive a complimentary ticket to this delicious experience? Volunteer! At Farmers Formal you will sip on local libations (up to 2 adult beverages for volunteers working during the event), feast on local chef & farm-inspired delicacies, enjoy the program entertainment and surprises, bid on unique farm-inspired items, and mingle with chefs, farmers, and other good food lovers!

Questions? Email: chelsea@earthdancefarms.org Phone: 314-521-1006

*Must complete a full volunteer shift to receive a complimentary ticket. Event tables will be reserved for ticketed guests only but all volunteers will have access to standing tables and a private room off of the main event area with extra treats and beverages!

Event Decor

Decor Set Up: 10am-1pm

Decorate Union Station for the main event with modern farm flair

Decor Clean Up: 10pm-12pm

  • Ensure proper and efficient cleanup and packing of table decor
  • Load boxes of decor into EarthDance van

Table Decor

Table Set-Up: 10am-1pm

Beautify the dining tables for the main event

Table Clean Up: 10pm-12am

  • Ensure proper and efficient cleanup and packing of table decor
  • Load boxes of table decor into EarthDance van

Silent Auction

Silent Auction Table Set Up: 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm

  • Order and set up silent auction items on tables

Silent Auction Hospitality: 6pm-9:30pm

  • Use provided tablets to help guests bid on silent auction items
  • Answer guest questions about auction items & the event
  • Help guests use their cell phone to bid on auction items
  • Invite guests to view items on the auction table
  • Talk to guests about EarthDance!
  • Requires a quick pre-event training

Item Runners: 8pm-11pm

  • Help auction winners retrieve their items when the auction closes

Chef & Beverage

Chef & Beverage Table Set Up: 10am-1pm

  • Set up table signs for chefs and libations
  • May require the use of a ladder  

Chef & Beverage Load-In Assistant:

  • Assist chefs and libationers load in their delicacies


Photo Booth Assistant: 6:30pm-9:30pm

  • Ensure props are tidy
  • Assist guests with taking photos

Event Photographer:

  • Capture notable moments from guests to chef creations & beverages to the main event
  • Must use your own camera

Volunteer Leaders

Main Event Leader: 6:00pm-9:00pm

  • Leaders will help manage volunteers alongside EarthDance Programs Coordinator during the main event
  • Leaders will be knowledgeable about each role during the main event to help volunteers during those shifts succeed by providing support, answering questions, and assigning tasks
  • Seeking those who have volunteered at a Farmers Formal

Roving EarthDance Ambassador

This role is full. We are no longer accepting volunteers for Roving Ambassador.

  • We are seeking individuals who have been involved with EarthDance through the Farm & Garden Apprenticeship, Junior Farm Crew, or long term volunteering to be roving ambassadors during the main event
  • Roving Ambassadors will provide hospitality to guests by checking in on their experience at the event, answering questions about EarthDance, and telling their own stories about EarthDance

2020 Volunteer Interest Form