Britt Zuniga

Britt joins Earth Dance after years of activism, advocacy and community organizing focusing
primarily on racial justice, environmental justice and health equity.
After struggling with severe, life altering health problems that doctors could not diagnose or
treat, Britt took matters into their own hands and reversed years of illness by making a serious
commitment to improving their nutrition and stress management skills. Growing up low income
with no connection to land, wellness or nutritional wisdom, this was no small task. Experiencing
the healing benefits of organic produce and mindfulness first hand, Britt is passionate about
sharing this knowledge and skill building with everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, as
they believe everyone truly has the ability to heal their own bodies and minds if given adequate
resources and support.

Most recently, Britt worked on the successful campaign to pass Medicaid in Missouri and
facilitated anti-racist, equity focused webinars for organizations all around the world. Britt
considers themselves lucky to be part of the EarthDance team and looks forward to building
relationships with the Ferguson community as well as deepening their understanding of what it
means to empower people and communities with the healing power of food.