Jena Hood

Jena Hood, a former EarthDance apprentice, is excited to be back on the farm in the role of Farm Manager. A St. Louis transplant, originally from Georgia, Jena received a Master’s Degree in Sociology and spent her subsequent years working for various non-profits, tackling societal issues related to mental health, homelessness, and child abuse/neglect. In an attempt to thwart the impending burnout, she quit her job and traveled the country with her partner. The experiences they had working on farms through Wwoofing were like one big (satisfyingly productive) vacation. Realizing she needed creative work like farming and building things with her hands to feed her body and soul, she set out to pursue farming full-time. Her background in social work has inspired in her a desire to “be the change.” She’s specifically interested in creating increased access to local, farm-fresh food while addressing issues of food justice. She hopes to inspire others to believe in ecologically minded, organically guided agriculture as a sustainable model for the community, for the planet, and for the farmer. She believes that garden by garden, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, each partial effort is a step in the right direction.