Alisha Harris

Outreach Associate Alisha Harris joined the team in 2023, having volunteered at the farm for the first time in 2022 and falling in love with the place and the work of the farm. She is at peace just touching this soil, and feels working at the farm connects her to her soul’s purpose and her own history. While she lives in Bellefontaine Neighbors now, her family is deeply rooted in Kinloch, which is right behind the farm. She remembers listening to her mama tell her about how her great grandma had a garden and was growing her own food. She is working to pick back up that lifestyle, connecting herself back to something that had felt lost, but has always been a part of her.

Alisha, who studied Exercise and Movement Science in college, enjoyed learning about nutrition and public health in seeking her degree. She is passionate about the wellbeing of people and is looking forward to connecting people of all ages to the work of the teaching farm. She hopes to help spark or support people in seeking improved personal, family, and community health and nutrition. Living in a food desert area herself, she feels her perspective can lend well to helping people navigate challenges in accessing food.

In her role as outreach associate, Alisha is excited to educate – her friends and family members look to her as a guide. Working with EarthDance will give her a push to step into that leadership role to educate and inspire people to want to live a healthier lifestyle. Alisha also teaches yoga.