How we grow it

Welcome to EarthDance, where we are growing a midwestern permaculture paradise! The farm is an edible oasis in Ferguson, MO where the yields go beyond food to include health, authentic relationships, and creativity. Here is how we work with the land to grow everything from mouth-watering Asian pears to stunning zinnias.

Our Farm Site

Our farm site is designed with permaculture principles at its core. In 2019 we are focusing our production on 1 acre under intensive no-till management.


The EarthDance farmscape is abuzz with pollinators and beneficial insects, and nesting songbirds, amidst fields of certified organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.

Our Soil

We feed our soil so that it can feed us. To maintain the soil’s health, we plant cover crops like 12-foot tall Sorghum Sudan grass and Sun Hemp and dress our beds with compost and alpaca manure.

Farm Animals

We raise laying hens on pasture. Our happy chickens scratch the earth and feel the sunshine every day. They also eat insects, aerate the soil, and add fertility to our fields.

Year-Round Growing

We grow year-round in two hightunnels and produce seedlings in a greenhouse.

Mixed Orchard

Our 250-tree mixed orchard features varieties of pears, apples, cherries, pawpaws and more, planted on water-harvesting berms and swales.

Seven Generation Garden

Our Seven Generation Garden is a showcase for home-scale growing where we practice companion planting, forest-gardening, and seed saving. These beds are designed with ready-to-taste and smell opportunities and are ripe for child-friendly exploration.