Farmers Formal 2019

Our 12th annual Farmers Formal was a tasty success thanks to the collaboration of amazing chefs and farmers. Farmers Formal was also full of heartfelt, thanks to our loving community who came together on this night to celebrate the positive impact organic farming can bring.

Farmers Formal took place on October 25th, 2019 at Union Station. The staff at EarthDance is thankful to everyone who attended and because of their charitable donations, we were able to raise over $200,000!

Over 14 local farms paired with more than 20 local chefs and libation purveyors in St. Louis’ largest food-focused fundraiser to treat guests to carefully crafted small plates and libations. We were also able to create an almost ‘no waste’ event thanks to the help of EarthDay 365 and The Green Billikens.

Enjoy this video from Farmers Formal to see how EarthDance has made a difference in our community and farmers!

We would like to give a big shout out to Hamilton Performer, Robert Crenshaw, who blessed our stage with his talent to show his support for EarthDance. Check out his performance and the lyrics of “Our Earth” (below). We are grateful to Touchwood Creatives for helping us with their talents by writing and producing the lyrics!

We are not going to fail our earth .. We grasp what all her gifts are worth .. Hey yo we’re sisters and brothers and the earth is our mother and we cherish her who gave us birth .. History!–a woman from right here, Molly, she has a kind of dream, a scheme, she goes off to college, to Asia, the Pacific, Africa, picks up terrific stuff, not just hippy-dippy fluff but actual scientific knowledge, brings her vision back to Ferguson, urges on the urgency of wholesome edibles accessible to every citizen vegetables, fruits good for people and planet following the nat’ral dynamic, organic. Molly’s passion was eloquent, the benefit clearly evident, ex-cited many residents to make the experiment, a functional factual farm, what’s really cool, it’s an actual school driven by this golden rule — we spell it R-E G-E-N-E- R -A-T-I-O-N  we are ded-icated, continually renovate, we are loyal to the soil, perpetuate, re-instate its health. We educate the com-munity in giving back what you take, you’re in-debted to the earth, gotta compensate, gotta make her whole, keep your balance straight, don’t hes-itate, take part in the grand romance, it’s not too late, participate, lend your hands to ad-vancing the state of the earth, seize the chance to en-hance her, get down with the Earth dance And we are not going to fail our earth .. 

We grasp what all her gifts are worth .. Hey yo we’re sisters and brothers and the earth is our mother and we cherish her who gave us birth .. We are not going to fail our earth .. We grasp what all her gifts are worth .. Hey yo we’re sisters and brothers and the earth is our mother and we cherish her who gave us birth ..  This is Earthdance! — it’s not utopian fantasy. We are planted and rooted in reality quality food with Farmers Marketability. fancy restaurants, the height of practicality at Earthdance! — indulge in nature’s abundance at your family dinnertable able to know where it comes from take a class here you can carry off what you’ve grown, or grow it on your own in your garden back home, that’s Earthdance!  — we are building, we’re reaching with programs and classes for your children, we are teaching and maturing them, paying them, assuring they’re learning not just how to grow but how to go about earning their way, thanks to Earthdance! — We’re sitting here at the junction of city county country, got a funky function, we’re one community, we put aside strife, share the cycle of seasons, the circle of life we are Earthdance! — and we welcome you all to the Farmer’s Formal it’s our annual ball where over-alls are normal, even de rigueur (but please wipe your boots if you’ve been spreading manure or cleaning cattle stalls!) I’m telling y’all it’s your call to stand tall, invitation to give it your all it’s an oc-casion to show your inspiration is sensational: 

Got an obligation to get re-generational! this is your chance, you ought to get out on the floor and dance for Mother Earth who brought you sus-tain her, maintain her cause it seems, if I’m not way off,  a noble dream with a personal payoff! Go and Learn it you don’t have to be afraid, first you Turn it with a hoe or fork or spade, then you Feed it mulch and compost that can nourish, and you Weed it give your harvest room to flourish, then you Sow it with whatever piques your palate, you just Grow it parsley purslane leeks or salad, you can Grow it peas or beans or kale or shallots Grow it! Grow it! Grow it! cultivate the earth .. We’re gonna Grow it! advocate for earth .. We’re gonna Grow it, grow it! appreciate the earth Grow it, grow it! renovate the earth Grow it! and celebrate the earth. Tend the earth! earth! earth! .. Ayo, re-generate the earth, venerate the earth, and we are not going to fail our, not throwing away our earth!

We could not have done this without the help of all of our volunteers, sponsors, donors, Board Members, and especially our Host Committee Members! We are changing things up for next years Farmers Formal! Get excited for what the new decade will bring and stay tuned for more details!