Tara Gallina

As General Manager at Vicia, Tara Gallina is enthusiastically invested in changing the way we think about food.  She’s found that getting to know farmers, breeders, and fishermen have helped her become a captivating storyteller, and as she continues to develop relationships with those in the St. Louis community and greater Midwest region, the stories she hears and shares are growing and shaping the service experience at Vicia.  

Tara has a gift for making people feel welcome, and from a young age has loved bringing her family and friends together around the table.  She turned that talent into a career path in 2010, when she left a human resources job in Florida to attend the International Culinary Center (ICC) in New York City.  After graduating, she stayed on to coordinate cooking workshops with top chefs for ICC, but felt a fascination with the way in which food was grown rising up within.

When a posting for an apprenticeship program at Blue Hill Stone Barns caught her eye, she jumped on the next train to Tarrytown and never looked back.  During the six months Tara months spent working on the farm, she received a sustainable agriculture education and a crash course in fine dining service, which completely changed the way she thought about growing and serving food.  

Now at Vicia, ensuring that her team is connected to food sources and offering them educational opportunities are just two of the ways in which she is able to integrate the farming community into all aspects of the restaurant.