Jill Duncan

Jill Duncan’s engagement with EarthDance is inspired by the global idea of reconnecting people with the planet through the food that the earth provides us; the nationwide movement of teaching young and old to farm organically as an alternative to the corporate farming structure; and the local community’s health and desire to know where their food comes from. Most importantly, she is inspired by the way that food connects us to each other!
Jill sees her role on the Board as a “connector.” She creates people-to-people connections to inspire relationships that motivate the community’s growth and involvement in each other’s lives. She has worked in the food and marketing industry for many years where healthy food, organics and local food sources are the pillars of success. She brings firsthand farming experience and knowledge through her extensive travels serving as a volunteer on organic farms and vineyards all over the world, maintaining her home garden, and operating a wellness business that thrives on treating the body, mind and spirit with holistic care for long term health and day-to-day radiance!
Jill’s hope is that EarthDance continues to celebrate the Culture in Agriculture, bringing together people of all races, cultures, interests and economic status and inspiring people to love the earth, healthy food, community connection and down-home simplicity in life. She hopes that EarthDance serves as a model for people who want to live a life rooted in the dirt that sustains, and the smiles that inspire. Jill looks forward to the continual growth of the infrastructure on the farm so that it can serve, teach and inspire a community effort to love life, the harvest’s bounty, and the roots that connect people’s hearts.