Jane Keating

Jane first learned of EarthDance by reading about it in the Food Section of the Post-Dispatch. The article said to “come take a tour,” which she did on a Tuesday and then started volunteering on Friday of the sameweek. That was seven years ago. SInce then, Jane has been a regular volunteer at EarthDance, helping with harvest and maintaining the non-vegetable areas of the farm.

Jane graduated with an Education/English degree from Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois, and then taught high school English for one year. After that, she earned her Master’s Degree in Library Science from Rosary College (now Dominican University) in River Forest, Illinois. Following a brief career as a reference librarian, she stayed home to raise her three children and then went back to work for 14 years as a preschool teacher.

Jane currently spends her time volunteering with EarthDance and with U City in Bloom. She and her husband, Dan, live in University City.