Clarice Hutchens

Clarice Hutchens’ engagement with EarthDance is inspired by her passion around local, organic food and sustainability in general.
She brings strengths in programming, writing, and research to the Board, and is committed to organizations including Refab, the Boy Scouts of America, and Mission and Youth Committees at St. Marks Presbyterian Church.
Clarice is particularly interested in research to develop EarthDance as a thought leader in the sustainability community, Her hope for EarthDance is that the organization be a model local farm for urban residents and future farmers. She would also like to see EarthDance serve as a community center for people to gather and be supported in learning sustainable farming skills, and also sustainable skills related to buildings, transportation, and society. She hopes that EarthDance will increase its role as a thought leader in the community through proactive engagement in research and collaboration with partners doing related research.