Anna Goldfarb Shabsin

Anna Goldfarb Shabsin is an attorney and professor at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis. She was introduced to EarthDance when she was the lucky high bidder on an EarthDance CSA at an auction. And while she certainly enjoyed the healthy, organic produce EarthDance provided, she also grew to understand the farm’s dedication to its community as Michael Brown was murdered that August. Since then, Anna has learned more about the farm, both regarding agriculture and community outreach, and has become a volunteer and a member of the 2020 Apprentice Class.

Anna focuses her professional work on policy and lobbying, and gets very excited about agriculture and climate policy. That last sentence should let you know that she was not Prom Queen in high school. While she doesn’t grow food at home, she is slowly turning her yard into a native garden, which gives her the opportunity to chat about native plants with the neighborhood kids (and even cajole them into helping her spread mulch).