What’s Fresh from the Farm in March?

Farm to school is still going strong with the What’s Fresh initiative! March is such an exciting time at EarthDance because the flowers are in bloom and so is Farm to School. The AgriCulinary interns will return from winter break and students will visit from all over the city to tour the farm.

As winter comes to an end, we are eating the last of our root veggies such as watermelon radish and carrots and leafy winter greens like collards.There have been so many tasty ways to enjoy these colorful, nutrient dense vegetables but I invite you to try this recipe for roasted watermelon radish. Roasted radish can be a great alternative side dish in comparison to roasted potatoes if you’re looking to avoid carbs. Peel With Zeal offers a fresh and bright way to prepare this detoxing, color-rich veggie! Pick up your watermelon radish at the Ferguson Winter Market on March 16, 2024 located at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church!

Roasted Watermelon Radishes from Peel with Zeal

Step 1- Prep the Raw Watermelon Radishes

  • Watermelon radish prep is easy to manage. No excessive peeling or scrubbing. A quick rinse, trim the ends, and quarter or cut in ¾ inch wedges if you have some extra-large specimens. Do not peel the radishes.
  • If you have the greens attached you can wash them and saute them up just like spinach.

Step 2- Roast the Radishes

  • Watermelon radishes are best roasted at 375 F degrees for 30 minutes. The radishes should be spread in a single flat layer.
  • Be sure to toss halfway through and rotate the pan for even cooking.
  • In this recipe we use melted coconut oil, however, you can use ghee, olive oil, or avocado oil. We salt and pepper the radishes before roasting.

Step 3- Serve

  • A toss with fresh parsley and lemon zest at the end adds some additional color to the dish. While this step is optional it is an easy way to elevate your radishes.
  • If you don’t have a fresh lemon, toss the radishes with 2 tablespoons of bottled lemon juice. We used parsley to keep the herbs simple but you can chives, basil, or any combination of the three fresh herbs
  • Now dig in and enjoy! But first, let us know in the comments… what is your favorite way to eat watermelon radishes? Raw, pickled, or roasted?