Volunteering at EarthDance by Petra Petermann, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteering at EarthDance
by Petra Petermann, Volunteer Coordinator





Open Volunteer Opportunities:

Join us on Friday, April 20th 10am-1pm

365 days, 4000 hours volunteering. Wow. This year EarthDance welcomed an incredible number of volunteers to the farm, all seeking to help improve our community’s food system through direct service. With each visit, growing more aware of the land and of oneself.

As we often do as a year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the wonderful times spent working alongside my farm family, i.e. farmily.

Memories of 80 Boeing staff flooding our fields with the desire to serve; memories of Practicing Yoga members harnessing their Malasana skills as they planted strawberries and thyme in our new living yoga studio; memories of strangers harvesting rainbow chard together, becoming friends over an Urban Chestnut beer at our September volunteer happy hour.

Come keep warm with us on the third Friday of winter months as we continue to harvest nutritious veggies.Your experience may be as vibrant and tender as our spinach, or as healing as our yarrow. Nonetheless, a morning or afternoon spent at EarthDance is sure to bring a healthy dose of fortification to your day. Please contact me at volunteer@earthdancefarms.org if you would like to join us in the high tunnels and fields this winter!