Three Opportunities to Learn from Rain Water Harvesting Expert, Jeff Adams


Rainscaping refers to strategies to keep storm water on your landscape in cisterns and barrels and ponds, or in the soil, rather than allowing it to run into the streets and sewers.  Storm runoff carries pollutants like oil, trash, fertilizers and pesticides into our fresh water, and sometimes overwhelms our dual use sewer system (translation: during storm surges, untreated sewage is pumped directly into our local rivers.  Yuck!)

Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens are simple ways you can temporarily hold water on your property to help prevent these problems. One rain garden doesn’t do much, but many rain gardens can have a huge impact. Since 90% of the average annual rainfall volume occurs during rain storms of 1-inch or less, holding 1 inch of rainfall on your property helps 90% of the time! Learn how to rainscape your home and yard to do your part to reduce pollution.

Jeff Adams of Terrasophia

Jeff Adams of Terrasophia

EarthDance is pleased to offer the opportunity to learn these techniques from Jeff Adams, founder of Terrasophia, an ecological design and consulting business.  Terrasophia translates to “Wisdom of the Land.” Jeff and his team offer consultation, education, and project management in order to build connections between human communities and the dynamic environments that sustain us.

August 27-30th, Jeff will present three interactive educational opportunities to learn about rain water harvesting, primarily on the residential scale.  EarthDance gratefully acknowledges the Missouri American Water Company’s Environmental Grant program for helping to make these educational events possible.

Adams’ talk and workshops will be amazing learning opportunities to educate yourself about why and how to create rainwater harvesting landscapes.  But wait, why would you want to harvest rainwater, as opposed to simply keeping it from turning into runoff? There are lots of reasons to adopt water management strategies on your property! They include:

  • Drought-proofing your landscape

  • Reducing your dependence on city water for irrigation (plants love rainwater!)

  • Adding interest and beauty to your yard

  • Reducing the potential for basement flooding

On Wednesday, August 27th, the public is invited to attend Jeff’s talk, “Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting” from 6-8pm at the Earth Ways Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Many thanks to the Earth Ways Center for hosting this event!  The talk is free and open to the public.  Attendees will discover the fundamentals of water harvesting, including techniques to mitigate stormwater runoff issues, decrease the use of drinking quality water for irrigation needs, and provide a supplemental water source. Techniques discussed will include water harvesting landscape features such as rain gardens and swales and storage options including tanks and barrels. Basic calculations will be covered for determining how much water you can potentially harvest. Examples of water harvesting projects and programs from around the country will be highlighted. Due to limited seating, registration is required.  Register for Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting here!

On Thursday, August 28th, Jeff will lead the workshop “Designing Rainwater Harvesting Landscapes,” from 9am-4pm.  This in-depth training will include a classroom slideshow presentation and discussion, and guided design work on-site at EarthDance Farm. This training will include a brief overview of core concepts, technical considerations, and applications for active and passive rainwater harvesting systems. Field based site assessment and a design charrette will provide an opportunity to immediately apply class content in a real situation. Tuition for this class is $45.  Registration is limited. Register for Designing Rainwater Harvesting Landscapes Now!

On Saturday, August 30th, EarthDance will host “Practical Rain Gardens – Hands-on Demonstration Project” from 9:30am-4:00pm,  during which Jeff will guide attendees through practical strategies to make best use of rainwater in the landscape.  Participants will create a functionally integrated and aesthetic rainwater harvesting landscape (rain garden) at the EarthDance headquarters, highlighting multi-functional, climate appropriate plants, and healthy soils.  Participants will leave with the tools and experience to begin their own rainwater harvesting landscape projects. Tuition for this workshop is $35, and will include a boxed lunch.  Registration is limited. Register for Practical Rain Gardens Now!

You may also register for both sessions as a two-part workshop, at a discount. Register for Designing and Building Rainwater Harvesting Landscapes for $70. Register Now!

More about the presenter:

Jeffrey Adams is founder and principal of Terrasophia, an ecological design consulting and education firm.  Engaging community members through hands-on education projects, Jeff builds capacity to regenerate the health of our watersheds.  He brings a practical and integrated approach to each project from working in the construction and landscape trades for over 15 years.  He has a depth of experience in water harvesting educational training programs, including being lead instructor for the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association’s (ARCSA’s) accredited professional training.  Over the past decade Jeff has collaborated with a variety of nonprofits, community groups, schools, and individuals to raise awareness and build skills in sustainability and regenerative living.


EarthDance thanks Missouri American Water for their sponsorship of Rainscaping Education with Jeff Adams.