Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Process

In the fall of 2021-spring of 2022, EarthDance’s staff and board of directors met over five months to develop a new strategic plan, actionable through 2024. In March of 2022, the new Strategic Plan was approved. The plan affirmed the work of redesigning EarthDance programming towards equity, and identified Strategic Priorities, annual goals and measurable outcomes. In this post, we’re pleased to share more about our planning journey. We invite you to join in this movement to advance food justice in every way you can!

EarthDance worked with Angela Willliams and Mary Ferguson of Midwest Consulting Partners to guide board and staff members through a strategic planning process that centered the question: how would EarthDance build upon its redesign for equity? The full team met via zoom twice in the fall of 2021 to reflect upon and share their personal connections to EarthDance’s work; conduct a SWOC analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges) of both EarthDance as a whole, and specifically its Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion efforts; and to consider the evolution of the organization’s mission and vision. These sessions, aimed at getting everyone “on the same page,” were followed by a series of small working group meetings of board and staff collaboration to update the mission and vision statements, articulate Stakeholder imperatives that remain constant for EarthDance, and outline Strategic priorities to advance the organization’s mission over the following three years.

EarthDance will use our social media and blog posts to keep our stakeholders updated on the plan’s goals and progress.