Rain, Rain Here to Stay at EarthDance


We’re all set up and ready store 330 gallons of water!
This past Saturday, Guy & Deanna of Adventure Farm led a workshop here at the farm during which six rain barrels were installed. The barrels were set up on the south side of the house which is right next to our Seven Generations Garden. Perfect for watering the garden and the front yard!

So you may be asking– What is a rain barrel anyway? Rain barrels are containers that capture and store rainwater draining from your roof. There are a myriad of reasons that installing them is a great decision.

  • Reduces the volume of water flowing to the sewer
    treatment facility
  • Backup source of water during times of drought or
    between rain showers
  • Helps to keep our creeks and beaches clean
  • Naturally softened water – great for delicate houseplants,
    auto cleaning and window washing
  • Saves money by lowering your water bill
  • Reduces the need for additional tax dollars earmarked
    for sewer expansion
  • Chlorine-free water helps maintain a healthy biotic
    community in the soil
  • Educational tool for teaching residents about water conservation

The rain barrels will now be a stop on our weekly farm tours. Come out on September 14th at noon or any Tuesday at 3:30pm. RSVP to Matt at volunteer@earthdancefarms.org

See a few pictures from our workshop on our flickr set!