Plant Start Care

How to care for your cool weather plant starts.

All of the plant starts for sale are cool weather ready. Which means, with the right ground conditions and location in your yard, you can transplant them right into the ground or a container. 

Choose a bright, sunny spot in your garden or to place your container, and make sure the dirt the “starts” are going into is workable–about the texture of dry cake batter, not a mud pie. 

Give plants about ten to 12 inches of spacing between other plants. When actually digging the hole, a good rule to follow is to dig about the depth and width of the block of dirt left when the plant-start comes out of the plastic cell or other host container. Specially if you’re planting lettuce, avoid putting too much soil around the “collar” or base of the stem of each plant. Too much soil around the collar or trapped in the leaves of lettuce will increase the chances for rot. 

We will have the following plants available for purchase in 4-pack cells while supplies last (variety may vary):

  • Collards  (Top Bunch)
  • Curly Leaf Kale (Vates)
  • Green Cabbage (Tender Sweet)
  • Lettuce Packs (Red Oak Leaf, Green Butter, Green Incised, Red Cross, Red Sweet Crisp, Bergham, Newham)
  • Onions (Yellow Texas Sweet, Red Creole, Red Mable Cipollini, Boretta Cipollini)
  • Leeks (Lancelot)
  • Herbs (Dill, Basil, Cilantro)