Note from the Founder: New Moon

Are you ready for the New Moon?

New Moon

This Sunday, February 10th, we witness the lunar phase of the new moon, when the moon lies closest to the Sun in the sky as seen from Earth. Or more precisely, it is the instant when the Moon and the Sun have the same ecliptical longitude. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you’d like to create, develop, cultivate, and make manifest. They are a magical time of beginnings, when you can recharge goals, or set new ones. In this chaotic, stuff-filled world, being aware of the lunar phases reminds me of our connection to the universe. Harnessing the energy of the moon and planets doesn’t cost anything, there’s no paperwork to fill out, and everyone has equal access to it.
You just have to be open to it.

For centuries, farmers and gardeners have looked to the moon as a guide for planting and harvesting times. The Agriculture Lectures of Rudolf Steiner that gave rise to biodynamic agriculture recognize the influences of the moon on plant growth; therefore lunar cycles play a key role in the timing of biodynamic practices, such as the making of biodynamic preparations and when to plant and cultivate. Biodynamic agriculture is a topic that I personally am interested in better understanding and experimenting with. My farmer friend and leader in the Community Supported Agriculture movement John Peterson has been practicing biodynamic agriculture on his farm Angelic Organics for over 20 years. We share the belief that farms have the capacity to re-create community in our world. (In fact, they’re doing a Kickstarter project right now to complete the renovation of a historic barn on their property, you should check it out.)

Restoring an old barn? Learning a musical instrument? Leaving more time for spontaneity in your life? Growing your own vegetables this spring?
What is your intention as we embark upon this new moon?

It won’t be long before we embark upon our 5th season of the EarthDance Organic Farming Apprenticeship program. One week after the New Moon, we have our Orientation & Potluck with our 2013 class of Freshman Farmies. I invite you to join us for the potluck following the orientation to meet our new farmies and reconnect with old friends. This is always my favorite potluck of the year; I am a nerd for plant families, and this one features them!

I hope to see you soon. Best of health to you and yours.

For local FARMS,
Molly Rockamann
Founding Director