A Note from the Founder April 2017

Operating a successful small-scale high-yielding diversified vegetable farm is like performing a well choreographed group dance, planting different seeds at just the right time, and harvesting those whilst preparing other beds for transplants.
Operating a working farm that is also open to the community and serves as an organic farm school is like a variety show where many music and dance genres intermingle, each performer plays multiple parts, and the audience is invited to participate in the performance. There are fewer theatrical boundaries when this happens, yet its impact is striking and the stakes are raised for all. After all, we all own this performance and this stage together. The role of the director can only take the show so far.

To bring this analogy back home, this is just what I see happening here at EarthDance: a well-structured play of many characters hailing from all different backgrounds, where there is improvisation by necessity and a resourcefulness that brings out people’s creativity and ingenuity. The adult apprentices and workers don their costumery of practical outdoor attire, carefully performing varied tasks with the right props (tools) at the right time. The young set of cast members is increasing by the week, and the skills and memories created by and with each one make us want to give a standing ovation after each youth number.
Backstage, the crew is swiftly preparing for the next scene, their humility and dedication being the driving force that makes the whole show possible. And of course, without patrons, donors and season ticket holders (in our case, regular farmers market shoppers!), we would not be able to keep the lights on, the plants watered, and the community engaged.

Our farm is the stage for a living, breathing, ever-evolving dance.
We ask you, the audience, to step on stage.
CUE: Shine spotlight on you, sitting in 3B
EMCEE: Can I get a volunteer to come up on stage?
YOU: [feeling a bit nervous, but moreso giddy with excitement] YES!
Thank you for the role you play with EarthDance!
Now let’s get ready for the next act together!
Rooted in Ferguson,
Molly Rockamann