Meet the 2024 Full-Season Apprentices

One person wearing a white top, sunglasses, and a cap poses in front of artwork.

Blake Riley is a passionate advocate for health, nutrition, and organic farming, ignited by his father’s passing. Known for his enthusiasm, hard work ethic, and willingness to get his hands dirty, Blake is a lifelong student of nature, aspiring to turn his passion into a career in farming.

In 2017, he embarked on a journey with the WWOOFing network, seeking hands-on experience and connecting with like-minded individuals. His dedication to sustainable agriculture led him to volunteer at Earthdance in 2023, where he discovered a deep love for the people and culture.

Blake dreams of establishing his own farm one day, driven by a desire to provide his community with access to healthy food while nurturing the environment. Embracing ethical veganism, Blake lives a sustainable lifestyle that prioritizes both animal welfare and environmental preservation. Beyond farming, he finds solace outdoors, cherishing time with his family, spoiling his cats, and connecting deeply with nature.

One person wearing overalls, a jacket and a red beanie poses with the peace near a chicken coop

Dani Fuhrman is a permaculture and conscious living enthusiast. Since her earliest memories she has always loved being with animals and spending time with nature. She gets a lot of joy from getting her hands in the soil and loves the experimental aspects of gardening. Her favorite crop to grow is tomatoes! One of her fondest childhood memories is dinner at her Grandma’s home filled with fresh produce from her garden. She was raised on the east side of the river and has been a St. Louis City resident since 2008. 

Dani has a background as a hair stylist and salon owner. After participating in what she refers to as a, “life changing” natural building workshop at Dancing Rabbit Eco Village in 2022, she prioritized getting present, and making choices that felt aligned with her core values. This lead to her leaving her life as a stylist behind and entering the world of ecological gardening. For the past year Dani has worked with a Horticulturist who’s focus is in native landscapes and lawn alternatives. She is passionate about her work being restorative on a community and environmental level. Dani believes strongly in the reciprocal relationship between humans and the land. As well as having access and education to heal through food. She is excited to continue this journey of skill building to continue this valuable work and is thrilled about her apprenticeship with EarthDance Organic Farm School!