Farmers Are Essential 2020

EarthDance farmers grow organic food, share this produce with people in our community, and train beginning farmers and gardeners to do the same. The mission of EarthDance Organic Farm School is starkly relevant as the world faces a pandemic health crisis.

For the safety of our supporters, EarthDance forwent our fundraising gala, Farmers Formal, this year. This event has traditionally raised up to 40% of the organization’s budget and we need your support to close this gap.

Farmers Are Essential, our online 24 hour giving event, kicked off at 12pm on November 5th!

We are grateful to everyone who donated in the belief that farmers are essential and that the healing food they grow should be accessible to all!

Thanks to our generous matching donors, contributions made during the campaign were quadrupled, making the total amount raised climb to over $88,000. That number in combination with several generous offline donations, means we were able to exceeded our goal of $100,000!

Donations raised during this fundraiser will help us continue to fund jobs on the farm for Ferguson teenagers, scholarships for low-income individuals to gain the skills of food production, and farm-based education for adult and youth program participants.

Together we can grow stronger roots towards a more sustainable and inclusive future of food!