EarthDance Farmers Formal 2022

Thanks to our 2022 Chefs & Farmers for their delicious contributions to Farmers Formal!

Farmers Formal took place September 9th 2022. Courtesy of over 40 good food movers and shakers, guests enjoyed the freshest, most delicious, collaborative culinary farm-to-table delights from top local farmers + chefs while helping to seed and sustain meaningful EarthDance educational and food access work!

Farmer + Chef Pairings

Urban Harvest STL & Turn

Urban Harvest STL builds community around inclusive and resilient local food systems. Urban Harvest STL believes in food rights – all members of our community should have equitable access to fresh, healthy food regardless of socioeconomic status, race or location. They grow healthy produce across a network of urban farms in the heart of St. Louis and donate the majority of the harvest to nonprofit partners serving communities with limited or non-existent access to healthy, nutritious food. Urban Harvest STL also educates and engages the surrounding community in these efforts. Urban Harvest STL Farm Manager Ro Kicker is an alum of the EarthDance Farm & Garden Apprenticeship program, and Urban Harvest STL Farm Educator Kirsten Detec is an EarthDance AmeriCorps alum.

Turn Restaurant represents the convergence of Chef David Kirkland’s DJ life and his passion for cooking. He crafts flavor profiles like he mixes beats–layering and blending to create unique experiences. Each menu is designed with a honed farm-to-table philosophy that emphasizes relationships with local farmers and that utilizes freshly grown vegetables and flavors. Kirkland works closely with the region’s growers, including the urban farm on the roof of the restaurant, to plan for each season and to promote sustainability in the St. Louis restaurant scene. Turn presents comfort classics and puts a fresh spin on each dish.

Rosy Buck Farm & The Blue Duck

Rosy Buck Farm is currently in their sixth season of small-scale sustainable farming in Leasburg, Missouri. Farmers Holly Evans and Randy Buck believe that everyone has the right to know the whole story behind their food, from seed to plate. Their approach includes balanced farming, with diverse crops, which benefits the environment and produces tastier, more nutritious vegetables. Rosy Buck invites people to the farm for tours, and their produce is available at the Sol Food Farmers’ Market in Maplewood, Missouri and at the Wildwood Farmers’ Market.

The Blue Duck serves from-scratch comfort food with a twist – even baking their own bread – for a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience. Expect a little bit of everything from this restaurant, which prides itself on having fun with its American food menu and sourcing local wine and liquors for its bar.

Mushrooms Naturally & Olive + Oak

Mushrooms Naturally is an urban farm, grow room, gardening information resource, and culinary mycological supply store, all in one. They are dedicated to growing delectable mushrooms, naturally. They offer a wide variety of products for anyone’s culinary endeavors and an amazing selection of mushroom growing experiences and supplies for every level of cultivation. Founder and Chef John Gelineau has been in the culinary business for over a decade, and his passion for excellent ingredients, grown with skill and care, led him to cultivate his own mushrooms as a hobby. Eventually, that hobby evolved into a working mushroom farm that supplies the top restaurants and country clubs in St. Louis.

Olive + Oak is a friendly, bustling neighborhood spot where thoughtful, ingredient driven food, along with great wine, craft beer, and well-made drinks can be enjoyed with friends and family. Chef Jesse Mendica and her team change the menu with the seasons to ensure fresh greens & herbs, from their own garden, touch each plate. Olive + Oak owners have also built relationships with Missouri farmers and brewers for milk, eggs, proteins and beer! Their commitment to sustainability is furthered by offering compostable utensils upon request. Stop by Olive + Oak and see what’s on the menu this season!

SLU Urban Garden & Fresh Gatherings

Saint Louis University’s garden has been fulfilling its mission to improve access to healthy, local foods by providing nutrition and garden education to the St. Louis community since 2002. SLU dietetic interns decide what is planted in the garden during their academic rotation. The accessible garden bed serves as an education tool for special needs teachers and occupational and physical therapy students at Doisy College of Health Sciences. In the summer months, the garden is home to a culinary camp where children learn about planting, harvesting and preparing food from the garden. The garden and its programs provide a positive learning environment for SLU students and the St. Louis community — so much so that it has been integrated into a nutrition education curriculum for St. Louis city schools.

Fresh Gatherings Cafe + Farm is a student-run cafe operated by the Culinary Program and Department of Nutrition & Dietetics at Saint Louis University. Their goal is to be the gold standard of dining on SLU’s campus by providing our community with fresh made meals from scratch daily. They partner with local farms and vendors from the St. Louis and Illinois area. Their menu rotates seasonally allowing you to enjoy a variety of hot and cold breakfast items, full service coffee and espresso bar, grab ‘n’ go items, and daily lunch specials. Stop by and see us and join in our pursuit of delicious food and elevated dining right on campus.

Flourish Farmstead and Mission Taco

Flourish Farmstead farmers Eric & Crystal Stevens have an intrinsic passion for growing food and medicinal herbs, growing native plants, cooking healthy meals, planting trees, foraging for wild food and medicine, creating art, spending time with their children in the fields and forests and  educating  the community. Together, they sow the seeds, transplant crops into the ground, cultivate the rows, and harvest the bounty. They understand the importance of growing food for their community to engage involvement in the local foods movement, educate the public about growing healthy safe food, to support local businesses and to circulate funds back into the local economy. They share their produce through a weekly CSA.

Mission Taco Joint From the festive sounds to the amazing murals by local artists, there’s a California vibe inside every Mission Taco Joint. Growing up in California, skating and surfing up and down the coast, inspired brothers Jason and Adam Tilford to bring their love of Cali street food to their new Midwest home. Mission Taco Joint is a culmination of their travels, experiences, and the flavors of their childhood. MTJ’s first location opened in St. Louis’ Delmar Loop in 2013, serving West Coast style tacos and pouring beers from STL’s favorite craft breweries. Word quickly spread about the quality food and genuine hospitality and became a favorite place for students, young professionals, and families alike.

Hart|Beet Farms & Toast Face

Hart|Beet Farm was established in 2015 as a small, diversified farm in northern Lincoln County, MO. In 2018, they became Certified Naturally Grown, which is a grassroots alternative to the USDA’s Certified Organic program. They grow a variety of vegetables with the promise to never use pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. From their forest, they harvest many wild edibles including mushrooms, fruits, and maple sap. Their mission is to provide sustainably-produced, high quality foods to our community while improving the land and upholding our values of social and ecological justice. Their farming philosophy is focused on the health of the soil and all of the living organisms within it. Healthy soil produces healthy food for a healthy community.

ToastFace is a micro-bakery selling hand-mixed sourdough breads, granola, and pastries using organic, stoneground flour from Janie’s Mill. They also serve prepared foods using locally grown produce, meats and cheese. Their mission is to make seasonal foods that promote other small businesses and inspire customers with creative ways to prepare and enjoy local products.

Marigold Moon & Confluence Kombuchery

Marigold Moon is a small, local herb and flower farm. They grow botanicals at Bellews Creek Farm in Hillsboro, Missouri, which is owned and operated by expert farmer Paul Krautmann. Marigold Moon collaborates regularly with Confluence Kombucha.

Confluence Kombucha | gastroLAB is a Kombuchery offering 8 flavors of kombucha on tap. They use fresh & foraged ingredients in a glass-fermented process, featuring products that are a resource for healthy living and support along the journey. They also offer an open community space for meet ups, as well as flights, take-away options, packaged provisions and tasting experiences for food (reservations only).

Harmony Hills & Take Root Hospitality

At Harmony Hills Farm, Mary Bolling and Brian Keeter tend to a growing herd of Southpoll steers, which is a core part of their commitment to regenerative agriculture. They move “the boys” to fresh pasture twice daily, ensuring they always have plenty of grass for grazing. This also concentrates their impact on the pasture to help build organic matter in our soil. This virtuous cycle improves pasture quality year after year, eliminating the need for toxic off-farm inputs while at the same time improving the nutritional quality of their beef.

At Take Root Hospitality, proprietors Michael and Tara Gallina offer menus driven by the best of what’s available at the moment – food sourced from relationships they have with farmers, fishermen, and artisans in the Midwest region and beyond. By focusing on what’s fresh, they aim to present memorable dining experiences at Winslow’s Table, Vicia, and Taqueria Morita.

Community Action Agency of St. Louis County, Inc. Seeds of Hope Farm and Bowood by Niche

Seeds of Hope is a Project of the Community Action Agency of St. Louis County, Inc. (CAASTLC). It is a small, diversified farm designed to increase access to affordable fresh produce through their unique income-tiered CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model, bringing together members of all different economic backgrounds. Their produce is available for purchase as a weekly share that is picked up at the farm or at drop-spots in Overland and Bel-Ridge. Seeds of Hope Farm Manager Jake Smith is an alum of the EarthDance Farm & Garden Apprenticeship program.

Bowood by Niche is delivering warm hospitality for brunch and dinner. At Niche Food Group, they value hospitality above all else – extending it to their customers, co-workers, suppliers, investors, and anyone else we can. They strive to be innovators, quality leaders, and are driven to provide memorable, satisfying dining experiences for everyone, every visit. 

Three Springs Farm & Edera

At Three Spring Farms, partners Bryan and Andrew responsibly raise grassfed cattle and pastured pork and chicken for retail and wholesale beef lovers in the greater St. Louis area. The Three Spring Farms team includes Andrew Bachmann, Bridget Bachmann and Bryan Meyers. They formed this team in 2011 to raise grassfed beef in Perryville, Missouri. Their hope is to provide high quality, responsibly raised beef to our neighbors and interested customers in the Saint Louis region. Andrew and Bridget have extensive farming experience and local connections in Perryville, while Bryan hopes to leverage his relationships in Saint Louis to identify a new cohort of grassfed beef lovers.

Edera Italian Eatery is focused on serving simple, refined food in a more casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere. Chef Andrew Simon offers a fresh interpretation, sourcing the highest quality ingredients from Italy to Missouri. The menu features premium Neapolitan pizzas, signature pastas and premium entrees. Edera’s cuisine – featuring sauces, pastas and baked goods made fresh daily in the restaurant – are elevated enough for a special night out, while also being approachable enough for everyday fare. Concepted by the Koplar family in consultation with renowned Chef Mike Randolph, Edera has quickly become a fixture in St. Louis’s iconic Central West End neighborhood.

Greathouse Garden & Bailey’s Range & Brats of the World

Greathouse Garden is a one acre farm located in Hillsboro, MO, operated by Rachel Greathouse. The land is a part of Bellews Creek Farm. Presently, Greathouse Garden grows a selected variety of winter squash, with the hope of expanding into other crops for wholesale. Rachel is interested in growing restaurant wholesale items, and is taking chef crop suggestions at this time. If you have ideas of rare crops for her to grow, please email her at

Bailey’s Range is one of several restaurants in the Bailey’s family. They proudly serve specialty burgers made with 100% grass fed beef, make all their buns in house, and serve their own house made ice cream, crafted with no artificial ingredients. Their veggies are grown in a 14,500 square foot micro farm, located at the Bailey’s headquarters. They offer 30 local beers on tap, plus boozy shakes, lemonades and more. Baileys’ Range is perfect for large groups, date night, birthday parties, and families! Other restaurants in the Baileys’ Restaurant family include Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar, Rooster, Small Batch, Baileys’ Chocolate Bar, and POP.

Brats of the World features old world recipes, fresh herbs and spices, and pasture raised meats. Styles of sausage include a wide variety from around the world, including South Africa, Germany, Thailand, Colombia, the Phillipines, and Morocco. Brats of the World can be found at the Tower Grove Farmers Market and the Boulevard Farmers Market.

Such and Such Farm & Farm Spirit

Such and Such Farm is a 120-acre homestead located near DeSoto, MO that specializes in sustainably grown produce, responsibly raised animals and other cool stuff. Such and Such Farm has grown into the only “custom/boutique farm” in the St. Louis area. They grow unique heirloom produce and raise heritage animals specifically for chefs. They also offer their products at Tower Grove Farmer’s Markets, through their CSA and at events on our farm. Such & Such Farm Co-owner and Farmer Dave Blum is an alum of the EarthDance Farm & Garden Apprenticeship program.

Farm Spirit offers pop ups and provisions, farm dinners and CSA with Such and Such Farm at the Tower Grove Farmers Market Tuesdays and Saturdays. They also offer private dinners and catering.

Bolyard’s Meat and Provisions & Newman Farm

Newman Farm is proud to be producing the highest quality Berkshire Pork in the United States. Their reputation has been built over the years by using genetic lines that produce beautiful pork, providing their customers with an eating experience that leaves them wanting more.

Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions offers families in the St. Louis area a place to buy super fresh, locally raised, pastured meat. Head butcher and owner Chris Bolyard has personally visited every farm and processing facility from which Bolyard’s obtains animals. The humane treatment of all of the animals is of the utmost importance to Bolyard. Their meats are raised on pastures and are never treated with antibiotics or growth stimulating hormones. They are encouraged to engage in their natural behaviors and always treated with the respect they deserve. 

EarthDance Organic Farm School & Mylk + Hummus

EarthDance is a teaching farm, sharing the craft and science of organic farming with people from all walks of life. Our 14-acre historic farm provides a model of sustainable food production. Through our Organic Farm School programs, EarthDance cultivates food leaders alongside abundant fresh produce. EarthDance advances food justice by training organic farmers and gardeners of all ages, providing connection to healthy food and the land, and cultivating vibrant community. EarthDance, located in Ferguson, Missouri, operates on the oldest organic farm west of the Mississippi. EarthDance Farm Manager Jena Hood and Assistant Grower Spencer Cook are alumni of the EarthDance Farm & Garden Apprenticeship program.

Mylk and Hummus is all about invigorating the body and increasing happiness with pure, plant-based foods. They are a sustainable food startup that aims to nourish the physical and mental endurance needs for today, while considering environmental goals for the future. Far from humble, hummus doesn’t just regenerate us—it can regenerate our earth, too. As a nitrogen-fixing plant that supports healthy soils and diverse microflora, chickpeas do a lot on their own to help our home. Montana chickpeas, paired with vegetables from local farms, Dearborn-made tahini, and extra virgin olive oil certified by California Olive Oil Council, each container packs some of the highest levels of polyphenols in the world—with a small, sustainable supply chain to boot.


Rustic Roots Sanctuary & Made by Lia

Rustic Roots Sanctuary’s mission is to create access to fresh, organic, locally grown food in Promise zones. They work to teach sustainability through agricultural education and career development, helping to heal individuals and communities through holistic health, putting power in the hands of local farmers and communities. Their vision is to create a sustainable retreat in Spanish Lake, mentoring and supporting growers in communities all over St Louis leading to greater food access, creating holistic health, wellness and healing for individuals and communities. They also teach sustainable agriculture, working to create food equity and heal trauma through nature, while simultaneously healing the planet.

Made. by Lia offers a wide variety of custom cakes & specialty sweets for any occasion! From yummy baked donuts, French Macarons & vegan & gluten free treats to birthday cakes & more they’ve got you covered! Their cakes & sweets are created from scratch, by hand & made with personality. At Made. by Lia they are all about taste & presentation!

Thies Farm & Sugarwitch

Thies Farm and Greenhouses has been proudly growing for the St. Louis community since 1885. The business has expanded and diversified over the years, but sustainability has been a consistent focus. For the Thies family, stewardship of both natural and human resources is of prime importance. Every method and practice utilized by Thies Farm aims to conserve precious natural resources. Having the farm market on-site reduces transportation impacts and allows them to offer customers quality homegrown produce fresh from the fields. Produce is picked when ripe and available that same day, so there is no need to harvest crops prematurely to prolong shelf life and no need to use preservatives, waxes or other artificial additives.

Sugarwitch crafts small-batch, from-scratch frozen treats in St. Louis, Missouri. Their ice cream sandwiches strike the balance between nostalgia and innovation, all named for bad-a** witches of literature and lore. While their flavors rotate with the seasons and their imaginations, their practices—from sourcing to labor—are always guided by a commitment to building a more equitable food system. They believe that nothing is more delicious than a frozen treat made with care and concern for people and planet.

Theodora Farms & Alchemy

Theodora Farms is a 10-acre USDA Certified Organic vegetable, herb, and flower farm in Godfrey, IL. Their mission is to catalyze the health and happiness of our community through food and agriculture. They offer over 40 types of sustainably grown, organic vegetables – all of which are hand-harvested at their peak quality for your peak enjoyment. Varieties and availabilities shift as the seasons progress, but you will always find plenty of tasty options! They select crop varieties based on flavor, texture, local interest (that’s you!), and geographic adaptability. Theodora Farms Farm Manager Jeff Adams is an EarthDance AmeriCorps alum. 

Alchemy features artisan cakes, macarons, entremets, pastries, chocolates, and other creations made by Chef Tai Davis. Tyler ‘Tai” Davis is one of Saint Louis’ brightest rising star chefs. Chef Tai has created culinary delights, featuring his innovative, unique aesthetic, in The Tavern of Fine Arts, The Chocolate Pig Restaurant, Element, The Libertine, Niche, Franco and The Demun Oyster Bar. Currently, Chef Tai has shifted his focus towards consulting, teaching and personal chef services under the moniker Æther. He has also rebranded his specialty bakery, Alchemy, and is getting his feet wet in the artistic world as Sacred Geometry by Tai Davis, a concept testing the boundaries between food and art. View his creations on the Alchemy website, or visit @iofthetyler on Instagram.

EarthDance Organic Farm School & Serendipity

EarthDance is a teaching farm, sharing the craft and science of organic farming with people from all walks of life. Our 14-acre historic farm provides a model of sustainable food production. Through our Organic Farm School programs, EarthDance cultivates food leaders alongside abundant fresh produce. EarthDance advances food justice by training organic farmers and gardeners of all ages, providing connection to healthy food and the land, and cultivating vibrant community. EarthDance, located in Ferguson, Missouri, operates on the oldest organic farm west of the Mississippi. EarthDance Farm Manager Jena Hood and Assistant Grower Spencer Cook are alumni of the EarthDance Farm & Garden Apprenticeship program.

At Serendipity, the ice cream is made with cream from pasture-raised cows and is free from antibiotics and rBST. They stay up on the latest ice cream and dessert trends that can excite even the most discerning foodie’s palate. Visit their Ice Cream Shop, inquire about catering, or find their ice cream at some of your favorite restaurants!

Serendipity offers:

  • Current Flavors
  • Toppings & Syrups
  • Sundaes
  • Delectable Delights
  • Dipity Dough (photo)
  • Novelties
  • Shakes, Malts & Floats
  • Poffertjes
  • Spirited Shakes & Beer Floats

Kakao Chocolate

Brian Pelletier is the owner and chief chocolatier of Kakao Chocolate. In 2008, he found his true passion – making people happy with delicious chocolate confections. What started in a windowless basement has grown to three stores, 25 employees, and numerous local and national awards. Kakao Chocolate uses only the finest all-natural ingredients, with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners. We hand-dip our confections in small batches in our St. Louis shops – the extra time and care we give to this process produces a higher quality you’ll notice with your first bite.

Tale to Table

Everyone eats, and a lot of people cook. Tale to Table gathers and shares the stories that help everyone eat and cook better. If you want to learn to cook, or eat better, the folks at Tale to Table with teach you how. In their store, you’ll find lots of specialty foods from near and far, kitchen tools to make cooking easier, vintage cookbooks, and always someone to talk to about what you’re cooking and to get new ideas. They have onsite, outdoor, and online cooking classes and tasting events. And, you can visit them for to-go lunch on Thursdays and Fridays, from 11:30a to 1:30p, when they serve their world-famous Grilled Cheese and other sandwiches.


Cravings has provided award winning desserts to the St Louis region and beyond for more than 25 years. It has earned its local reputation for excellent desserts and pastries, as well an national awards. With humble baking beginnings in Ireland, Cravings has grown to epitomize the best through its world class pastries that combine the best of American tastes with European influences. And, they’re not just a bakery – their current location in Webster Groves houses their cafe and restuarant. They also cater!

Thanks Also To Our Fabulous Libationers:

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