Camp Joy Sriracha Recipe

This sriracha recipe is from Camp Joy Gardens in Boulder Creek, California, one of the leaders over the last 50 years in the organic food movement. You can adjust the quantities as long as you keep the ratio the same.


20 cups of vinegar (4 brown rice + 16 apple cider) 

4 pounds mixed hot peppers

 4 pounds mixed sweet peppers

2 cups smashed peeled garlic cloves

 2 cups raw sugar 

8 tablespoons kosher flake salt


  1. Combine all ingredients in a large plastic contained. Make sure the peppers are submerged as much as possible.
  2. Let sit for approximately 7 days.
  3. Strain out the veggies, and then cook the liquid until it is reduced by half, then blend with veggies. Keep in mind you can always thin it out but can’t make it thicker so keep that in mind as you blend liquid back in. Warning: cooking down the liquid will make the house smell really strong.
  4. Enjoy!