An EarthDance Love Story

In 2017, Kaitie Adams was serving as EarthDance’s Farm Educator. Kaitie joined our staff after two outstanding years of AmeriCorps service, during which she had served as EarthDance’s Volunteer Coordinator and Youth Educator, with plans to transition soon to the role of Assistant Farm Manager.

On Saturdays, Kaitie led a weekly free farm tour of EarthDance. She shared her infectious enthusiasm about regenerative agriculture with everyone she met. One day, a lucky visitor named John joined her tour.

John Williams, a farmer at PrairiErth Farm, had just finished a stop at the Ferguson Farmers Market when he heard about the farm tour. As a fellow farmer, John had tons of questions for Kaitie. The two talked shop for a while after the tour and then he got in his 1984 Dodge Ram pick up truck and rolled off the farm. Kaitie remembers, “Watching him leave, I knew I had to see him again.”

The two reconnected on Facebook where they chatted about their favorite veggies and tools, their passion for organic agriculture, and their future farm dreams. Over the next few months they began talking more and, after a little bit of drama and a whole lot of text messages, they started dating the following Spring.

John’s farm was based in Central Illinois, while Kaitie remained in St. Louis. Long distance relationships can be tough, especially for farmer-sweethearts, especially during the long growing season. Kaitie says, “Our farm partners and bosses must have known before we did that our relationship was the real deal, because they often let us leave early or bring each other to work so we could spend more time together. For that we are still so grateful.”

After almost two years of countless hours driving back and forth from St. Louis to Central Illinois, daily phone chats, and John starting a small apple business on top of farming full time, the couple was time to put down roots in the same town. In December 2019, Kaitie tearfully packed up, said goodbye to the EarthDance soil and farmily, and moved up to Central Illinois to be with John and start a new farming chapter with the Savanna Institute.

John and Kaitie tied the knot in the high tunnel at Sola Gratia (where he is the Farm Manager) in December surrounded by flowers, veggies, and willows they grew themselves. They grafted a tree with rootstock gifted to them by former EarthDance farm manager Monic Pless and apple scion from John’s family farm.

Katie concludes, “We’re starting a family, and growing our farm business Red Crib Acres on a strong foundation of support; one that would not have been possible without the folks that make the soil sing.”

EarthDance friends and farmily wish the newlyweds a joyful season ahead!