An EarthDance flashmob?

Is this beautiful display of nature near the EarthDance persimmon grove an agro-eco-friendly “flashmob”?

This video was captured while we were brainstorming and setting goals back in December (see the first in our series of Crop Planning posts). We’re not sure what these amazing insects are, but their behavior makes us think they may be dance flies (thanks internet search)!

We hope they are dance flies because dance flies help improve soil health just by doing what they do! How does this happen? Well, one fly captures a snack (often a smaller insect), then dances with it as part of a dance fly flashmob. In this group dance, each member of the group hopes to attract a mate. Once a pair of flies has coupled, they share their snack and often reproduce. The resulting larvae are detritivores. Detritivores eat and digest dead fungi, plants, and even animals, leaving enriched soil behind as they grow!

In any case, we will keep admiring these magical insects as they seem to celebrate the essence of warm, golden sunshine. Also, we will continue to imagine this group dance as a mate-making flashmob and give thanks that it helps the soil!

Stay tuned for more on soil health in our ongoing crop planning series…

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