2022 Crop Planning, Part 1

How do we, at EarthDance, figure out the what, where, and when of growing sweet, delicious, and nutritious produce all year round?

A lot of time, energy, and thought goes into our crop planning process, so we wanted to share with you some behind-the-scenes peeks into the various steps we take through a series of blog posts.

Winter panorama view of EarthDance Organic Farm School. Photo by Jess Garrett.

Part 1: Learnings, brainstorming, goal-setting, and honing in on crop selection

In December, EarthDance Founder and CEO Molly Rockamann, along with Assistant Grower Spencer Cook, Farm Manager Jena Hood, and Harvest & Distribution Coordinator Will Delacey, started the crop planning process outdoors at the farm, considering past successes and opportunities for improvement. They reflected on the most recent growing season, and brainstormed for 2022 and beyond.

EarthDance Founder Molly Rockamann (left) meeting with Assistant Grower Spencer Cook (center left), Farm Manager Jena Hood (center right), and Harvest & Distribution Coordinator Will Delacey (right) in December 2021 to start the 2022 crop planning process. Photo by Jess Garrett.

Some of their most important considerations included:

  • What farm-fresh produce do people want to eat and also maybe learn to grow?
  • What foods are we excited to grow and share?
  • What crops have and haven’t grown well in the past?
  • Seed availability
  • Timing, soil health, crop rotation, and successive planting
  • Weather, of course, but we don’t get to control that one

By the end of this first meeting, the team created a draft plan for what foods, herbs, flowers, and other plants will be grown at the farm in 2022. They also created a list of goals and things to try to avoid on the farm in the coming year.

Certified Organic EarthDance ginger – Photo by Jess Garrett.

A few examples for 2022:

✔️ Grow collards, garlic, sweet potatoes, and more ginger

✔️ Bring Jamie, our dormant high tunnel, into production

✔️ Increase fruit production, including watermelon and cantaloupe

❌ Don’t plan any major greenhouse renovations

❌ Don’t sleep on ordering seeds

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for the second part in this multi-part series on crop planning.