Sara Bell

Over the past two years, Sarah Bell has been working through the UMSL Sustainability Office to develop the UMSL Community Garden. The garden plots are open to students, faculty, or other UMSL community members. Currently, the gardeners are growing onions, melons, cherry tomatoes, pole beans, and sweet potatoes, among other crops. Sarah explains, “Though the ultimate goal is for students to be able to take care of beds individually, we are still just gathering interest in the garden, and so we mainly work on all of the beds together at weekly work parties.” Sarah provides instruction to the group on direct seeding, transplanting, weeding, composting, and harvesting. So far, the produce is distributed to the people who come work on the garden, but the gardeners are looking into expanding and donating some to a local food pantry. Sarah is currently developing curriculum for a series of workshops on gardening and cooking for students in the UMSL SUCCEED program, a special education program for college-aged students.  The goal of the series will be providing training for the students in preparation for potential future employment in gardening, landscaping, or food preparation.