Ro Kicker

Ro Kicker, Class of 2020. Since the apprenticeship, Ro has worked as the Farm Manager with Urban Harvest STL. They have had the opportunity to bring so much life into a brand-new farm space that didn’t even have a single worm anywhere when they started. “Now everywhere you look, the farm is exploding with life! Bees, butterflies, moths, toads, bunnies, hummingbirds, dragonflies, and so much more,” they said. They have been able to teach many new farmers and gardeners at Rung for Women tangible skills so that they can have more power over their own food access. Ro has been able to harvest thousands of pounds of food and provide a free farmers market for all of the members that are going through the program at Rung, where the goal is to reduce the gender wage gap by supporting women in advancing their careers so that they can move from surviving to thriving. Ro says that the examples they could give of the ripple effect they have been able to create in our community as a result of what they learned during the apprenticeship are endless. They also run the Feed the People Garden Project and founded Queers in the Garden, a regularly occurring Feed the People community event.