EarthDance is a teaching farm, sharing the craft and science of organic farming with people from all walks of life. Our 14-acre historic farm provides a model of sustainable food production. Through our Organic Farm School programs, EarthDance cultivates food leaders alongside abundant fresh produce.


EarthDance grows food, farmers, and community through hands-on education and delicious experiences.


EarthDance, located in Ferguson, Missouri, operates on the oldest organic farm west of the Mississippi. This historic property, now nestled in the path of St. Louis Lambert Airport, has been a seat of organic food production since 1883—before the Wright brothers invented human flight.  The farm spanned 200 acres at its founding and was farmed by three generations of the Mueller Family who committed to growing without chemicals long before the word organic became trendy. In the 1950s, Al and Caroline Mueller became advocates for this natural way of farming which included using a team of mules to work the land, releasing ladybugs to eat the pests attacking his veggies, and growing food for taste, not shelf life. Sixty years of Al’s care for the land has built the farm’s perfect crumbly, black topsoil.   After the last of the Muellers passed, EarthDance founder Molly Rockamann recognized the need to preserve the remaining 14-acres of this unique green space as a platform for education and community development.  Today, EarthDance owns the farm and continues the Mueller’s legacy through its USDA Certified Organic vegetable, fruit, and livestock production. From its origin on an acre of rented ground at the Mueller Farm in 2008, EarthDance has grown into a nationally recognized leader in farming education.  We envision a future in which the farm’s rich agricultural history and vibrant present draw many thousands of visitors annually to EarthDance Organic Farm School to discover the wonder of organic growing.   Join us on a tour to learn even more about our history and see this one-of-a-kind farm in action! You can also view this video tribute to Al and Caroline, Connoisseur of Fine Foods.   Keep in touch with us!

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We Serve

HEALTH: We strive to support people living healthy lives in harmony with nature.

SOIL: We focus on building healthy soil to grow healthy plants, to feed healthy people.

ABUNDANCE: We believe that organic farmers feeding their communities is not only possible, it is the most efficient and abundant design of modern agriculture.

INNOVATION: We encourage experimentation. Curiosity and the desire for positive change will lead to new ideas that fuel our work.

INCLUSIVENESS: We actively invite and engage with people of all genders, cultures, races, income levels, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations to be a part of our mission.

STEWARDSHIP: We are committed to the responsible stewardship of all resources entrusted to our care.

CONNECTION: We wish to install a sense of wonder in the natural world for every visitor to our farm.

INTENTION: We start with why. Understanding the intention behind our goals and efforts is foundational to our work.

We Believe

Access to healthy food is a human right…

Soil health is the basis of true food security…

Farms can serve as catalysts of community renewal…

Small and mid-sized organic farms can feed the world…

Growing and sharing food produces joy and authentic relationships

EarthDance strives to provide top-notch agricultural education to people of all ages and walks of life and to work in our community rather than for it.  Empowerment is key to EarthDance’s approach.  We are also dedicated to enlivening our work through celebration of the ‘culture’ in agriculture:  farm-inspired visual and performing arts feed our passion and provide new ways to make farms accessible to diverse audiences.


Youth Exploring Agriculture & Health

EarthDance’s youth programs connect young people ages 5-21 to the natural world, healthy eating, and organic farming through farm-based job training, employment, and educational opportunities, including field trips for 800+ students annually.

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Farm Tours & Special Events

Offered to individuals, schools, and organizations, tours demonstrate the value of sustainable agriculture on the health of our environment and bodies. Free tours are given May-October. EarthDance also hosts special events, including occasional farm dinners, yoga in the greenhouse, and more.

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