EarthDance provides beyond-the-basics education to meet the needs of beginning farmers, youth, and "agri-curious" community members.

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Our farm is a place to get rooted . . . and branch out. EarthDance grows relationships based on the unifying power of sharing hard work, good food, and appreciation for the land.

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EarthDance grows Certified Organic vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers. We know that food grown in living soil, by caring hands, is unbeatable.

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Why an Organic Farm School?

Understanding our food, its sources and how to grow healthy organic food has become increasingly important for us and for our environment. Learning by growing food is a great response to these needs. Teaching people how to grow organic food empowers citizens to pursue healthier lives. Involving children of all ages in farming teaches kids Earth stewardship, healthy habits, satisfaction in the work, collaboration, and self-discipline. Inspiring these lasting changes in food systems and communities is what EarthDance is all about! We see the need for, and the promise of, EarthDance in the numbers below.


The Rodale Institute's 30-year Farming Systems Trial of organic and conventional production systems shows that organic matches conventional yields and outperforms conventional in years of drought by 31%.


That's the average age of an American farmer—17 years older than the average American worker.

30 million

The estimated market for local foods in the St. Louis area.


The percentage of EarthDance Apprentices that go on to work or volunteer in sustainable agriculture.

We believe..

.. in seeding the change we seek every day. Here, kids eat fresh greens, beginning farmers learn soil stewardship, biodiversity thrives, and everyone has a hand in producing the food we grow. We prove that skilled growers and concerned consumers can work together to achieve a better food system.

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