Record Keeping Resources

Harvest Procedures and Record Keeping—References and Useful Sites



Record Keeping: “COG Pro.” Online Record-keeping for organic certification (from their website): “provides an online solution to the detailed record-keeping required to be a certified organic producer. Our website is organized like a logbook with tabbed dividers, so users can easily enter their activities in a wide variety of categories. A simple click on a tab brings up the appropriate entry form and a view of previously entered records.”


The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook by Richard Wiswall

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association has developed a manual (12 pages, free download) explaining the how and why of organic certification record keeping.

It contains the following sample templates

1. Farm and field maps

2. Field history sheets

3. Seed purchase records

4. Input records (soil amendments, foliar sprays, pest control products, compost production record)

5. Activity logs

6. Harvest records

7. Storage records

8. Lot numbering system for wholesale sales

9. Sales records

10. Other records