Community Food Assessment

EarthDance Wants to Talk About Food in Ferguson


In 2015, EarthDance Organic Farm School received a grant from the USDA to evaluate Ferguson’s food resources and needs by conducting a community food assessment (CFA). In 2016, EarthDance completed the assessment.  Moving forward, EarthDance will publish a report of the study’s findings and continue the process of community engagement to make Furguson a better place to eat!


EarthDance’s CFA process is designed to gather information needed to envision and realize a just, healthy, and economically regenerative food landscape in Ferguson. It includes collecting information about all facets of the food system – production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste management. Already, the CFA team and the young people of EarthDance’s Junior Farm Crew have collected data from the farmers market vendors and patrons. In the weeks to come, the CFA team will perform a food store audit to learn about the availability and affordability of more than 80 grocery store items. Additionally, they will assess the availability of organic and locally produced items.

Looking for guidance making healthy choices?

Download the guide “Healthy Food Choice Resources