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Eggs: Debunking the Myth!

by Theresa Mesler August 10, 2017

Anywhere you look these days, be it in a health magazine, blog, television, or social media website, there is always someone toting the miraculous, curing benefits of one food, or villainizing the effects of another.  Taglines like “this superfood cures cancer!”, “burns fat without exercise!” or “don’t eat this if you have this blood type!” […]

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EarthDance Organic Farm School to Provide Free Shuttle for Ferguson Farmers Market Goers

by Colleen July 11, 2017

Ferguson, MO, June 15, 2017 – Ferguson residents and Market goers can now catch a free ride on the Jolly Trolley to get their farm-fresh fix at the Ferguson Farmers Market and to take a tour of EarthDance Organic Farm School. EarthDance will be selling certified organic produce at the market from 8am-12pm and offering free […]

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Farm & Garden Apprenticeship Spotlight

by Chelsea Burdge July 5, 2017

EarthDance is in its 9th season of its flagship program, the Farm & Garden Apprenticeship. Each year apprentices come to the program with farm & garden dreams and leave with the knowledge and confidence to pursue them. Apprentices are truly an asset to the farm and to show our appreciation we will be highlighting individual […]

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All About Garlic: the wonder vegetable!

by Theresa Mesler June 21, 2017

I’m sure many of you reading this post have heard of garlic or munched on a recipe that included it at some point in your life. A common ingredient in things like spaghetti sauce, pasta dishes, and salad dressings, this spicy and aromatic little vegetable from the onion family packs quite a punch flavor-wise! And […]

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A Note from the Founder June 2017 by Molly Rockamann

by Molly June 16, 2017

What is getting in the way of people eating healthy food? Sometimes it’s as simple (and as hard) as not having reliable transportation to buy it. One way we are trying to remove that barrier is by offering a FREE SHUTTLE from neighborhoods who live far from a full-service grocery store to the weekly FERGUSON […]

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