Season Extension Resources

Season Extension

What exactly is season extension?

In agriculture, season extension refers to anything that allows a crop to be cultivated beyond its normal outdoor growing season.


  • Possible year-round income
  • Retention of old customers
  • Gain in new customers
  • Higher prices
  • Higher yields
  • Better quality
  • Extended employment for workers


  • No break in yearly work schedule
  • Increased management demands
  • Higher production costs
  • Potential Plastic disposal problems

How does season extension contribute to sustainability?

“…to make a real difference in creating a local food system, local growers need to be able to continue supplying “fresh” food through the winter months…[and] to do that without markedly increasing our expenses or our consumption of non-renewable resources”.

– Eliot Coleman, The New Organic Grower

Source: “Growing Small Farms” Chatham County Center, North Carolina Agricultural Extension Office. By Debbie Roos., North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Chatham County Center and Doug Jones, Piedmont Biofarm

For Further Study

Attra Downloadable pdf: “Season Extension Techniques For Market Gardeners” 42-pages of in-depth discussion of tested season-extension techniques.

Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman

Salad Leaves for all Seasons by Chris Dowding

Easy online step by step cold frame instructions-

A web resource for news and information on everything you would to know about hightunnels, from how to construct them to where to purchase the building materials, to what and how to grow in your hightunnel.

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