Brian Owens

A resident of Ferguson, MO., Brian has a tireless commitment to providing experiences that uplift the community and provide hope through the gift and beauty of music. In addition to being Artist In Residence with the Grammy Award Winning St. Louis Symphony where he oversees the IN UNISON Church and Mentoring program. Owens also serves as Community Music Artist in Residence with the E.Desmond Lee Fine Collaborative at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Brian has been married to his wife Amanda for 13 years and they have 6 children.


Brian Owens is a vibrantly vintage musician—aesthetically he follows the groove gospel of classic 1960s and 1970s soul with a heavy dose of traditional quartet stylings, but it has a very “in the now” emotionality. Brian and his core trio, The Deacons of Soul (Shaun Robinson, Alvin Quinn and Rob Woodie) offer an experience that invites audiences to partake to honor the past and attend to the present and future through performances that are about “preservation; it’s a matter of upholding the tradition of true soul music that is so desperately needed in our culture today. Brian is making music with intent, art that inspires positive change. His vocals are a revelation—purposeful and passionate—he remains his own stylist while recalling the sensual urgency of Marvin Gaye, the comforting falsetto of Curtis Mayfield, and tender grit of Sam Cook.


“‘Brian Owens is one of the newly emerging talents whose artistry will no doubt capture the imagination of an ever wider audience as time goes on. I feel extremely privileged to have crossed paths with him so early in what I believe will be a very successful musical career.”  – Michael McDonald