Learn To Compost At EarthDance Farm

With the start of harvest season just around the corner, spring and summer’s bounty will bring more fresh fruit and veggies to our tables.  Along with those deliciously crisp salads and ripe melons, come plenty of rinds, peels, and veggie tops filling up your trashcan.  Unless, of course, you compost the scraps! Composting is the elegant process by which nature transforms what humans consider “waste” into nutrients for the soil.  With a little knowledge of composting techniques, you can turn your kitchen and yard waste into a healthy amendment to add to your home garden.

On Saturday, May 21st, from 12:30-1:30 PM, EarthDance is hosting a Beginners Composting Workshop for everyone who knows they should compost, but doesn’t know how or where to start. Katy Mike Smaistrla of the Earthways Center is our guest presenter for this workshop, and will inspire confidence in composting in everyone!  Location: EarthDance operations at the Mueller Farm: 233 S. Dade Ave, Ferguson, MO 63135

Cost: Free for CSA members, $5 for general public

RSVP: Contact Rachel to sign up!