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What is getting in the way of people eating healthy food? Sometimes it’s as simple (and as hard) as not having reliable transportation to buy it. One way we are trying to remove that barrier is by offering a FREE SHUTTLE from neighborhoods who live far from a full-service grocery store to the weekly FERGUSON […]

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All About Garlic: the wonder vegetable!

by Theresa Mesler June 21, 2017

I’m sure many of you reading this post have heard of garlic or munched on a recipe that included it at some point in your life. A common ingredient in things like spaghetti sauce, pasta dishes, and salad dressings, this spicy and aromatic little vegetable from the onion family packs quite a punch flavor-wise! And […]

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How Can Native Flowers Save Your Veggies?

by Rachel June 6, 2017

When I share the EarthDance story with tour goers and public events, I’m often asked, “How does an organic farm deal with pests?” The answer is complicated — organic farmers take a whole-farm approach to pest management that begins with fostering healthy soil, which supports healthy plants with stronger resistance to insects attack. Another important […]

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Seniors, Help plant seeds of change with Ferguson Youth!

by Kaitie Adams April 29, 2017

EarthDance Organic Farm School, located in Ferguson, is currently recruiting senior volunteers to work with Ferguson youth through our Inter-generational Summer Gardening Program. Each week, youth from the Strength & Honor Mentoring summer program will visit our 14 acre vegetable farm to explore their food system in a safe and engaging outdoor setting.  Our goal […]

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Seven Generation Garden

by Becca Pace April 3, 2017

A note from Kaitie Adams Youth Educator, Americorps In 2014, EarthDance developed its Seven Generation Garden as a showcase for home-scale growing techniques, to complement the commercial-scale agricultural training available in our production fields.  Since then, the garden has been a favored space for youth tours and field trips.  Here, EarthDance offers sensory, hands-on activities […]

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